Girls is one of the various animal species (Homo puella),which is very good at telling lies and bilking.(especially is the girls in China)They are also very useless. They are even more useless than the number PI.

In macro aspects

However, not all girls have the behavior in paragraph 1. Some girls aren't like that bad, for example the girls in the UK, US, Russia,and France.

In China

In China, over 80 % of girls have the behavior as in paragraph 1. They always think they are correct and never be kind to others even if she loves you. They thought they are the most beautiful person in the world but of course, they aren't. They are very ugly as some reported that they are uglier than a fork. They also thinks that men are the the most evil animals in the world.

In Hong Kong

In Hong Kong,over 99.999% of girls are the same as the girls in China. They even think they are the king of the world. They always want their boyfriend to give the present to them and they thinks it is the rule of the world. They always want expensive accessories (e.g. gold).They spend lots of money. It is very normal if they spend less than 10k of US dollars per month.They often spend more than 100k US dollars a month. Therefore, no one would like to marry this type of girl.

In other places

In other places, less than 0.1% of girls behave as those in China. They are very kind. Even they meet a person that they hate, they would still greet others. They are completely different with the girls in China and Hong Kong.